Vuelta y política de reembolso

Return Policy

1. In case you have not received the goods at the appointed time, please contact the webstore client service and report that you did not receive the goods in accordance with the planning date. In turn, you can check where at the moment the goods are located by tracking number provided by the store after shipping here.

2. If goods received does not correspond to your order, FeelBe may ask you to send the received goods back to the store and when they arrive, we will refund money or ask your agree for exchange of goods.

3. If you decide to return the product you will need to send it with delivery confirmation and tracking number. In this case the goods must be returned within 30 days from receipt of in safe condition, clean, no scratches, damage, dents or scuffs, as well as all documents, which were kept in the original packaging at the time of receipt by you.

Money refunds

If your order is returned to us due to the imposed ban / restrictions on foods, wrong address, refusal to pay customs duties or because there was no one to take delivery of your order, we will refund you the amount spent as follows:

You will be refunded the total order amount minus the shipping cost and up to 20 percent of the order value for the re- warehousing. We will also deduct any other external costs that we have undertaken during transport, such as storage fees, return postage due, etc.

If the order item or the entire order is withdrawn by custom, the amount will not be refunded.

Please note: Your order will not be refunded until it physically will not be in our stock. Once we receive your order, you will receive automatic notification letter stating the amount of compensation. Refunds will be made within 14 days after the decision on compensation.

Refunds usually carried out in the same way as was paid goods. If the item was purchased not through the electronic payment system PayPal, we will ask you to confirm the receipt of the amount reimbursed.

For all questions regarding the return of the goods and money refund contact the FeelBe.